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Facebook is Removing Page Story Section

Facebook announced it will be removing the old “Our Story” section of the About Us for business pages.  This goes away on February 28th. 

What does this mean for you?  

Check your business Facebook page.  If in the About Section you have additional information, then you will need to add this content someplace else in your profile.

Click the pencil to edit.

If you want to keep this content in your profile, copy the text and add to the section above it which is technically called the business “Description”. The disadvantage to this is the Business Description has a 255 character limit whereas the Additional Information had a 10,000 character limit. If the current Business Description is too long for the Additional Information, then this is a great opportunity to wordsmith and really target what you want to say about your business. 

Be sure to click the pencil directly next to the area you want to edit, rather than click “Edit Your Profile” at the bottom of the About Section. When you go to Edit Page Info, you likely won’t see the content you want to edit.

Don’t forget, this Business Description Section goes away February 28th, be sure to check your Facebook page and ensure it is up to date!