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Find Your Santosha

Do you ever look at people and wonder how they are so happy? Or why they never seem to have failures? Some people just have it all, right? You can too!

Santosha is the second Niyama (positive duties or observances) from the Eight Limbs of Yoga and is translated as “contentment, happiness, and joy.” ┬áThe Sanskrit word, Santosha, is divided into two words, “sam” which means completely or entirely, and “tosha” which means contentment, acceptance, satisfaction.

Use the principles yogis have used for hundreds and thousands of years to manifest happiness and contentment in business, health, and life.

Enjoy the Journey of Success

In this busy modern business world, we are conditioned to think if we are content, we aren’t; striving for more, doing better, getting ahead. If our calendars aren’t full we feel lazy or like we aren’t doing enough.

Having too much business is seen as a positive…

Santosha, or contentment, is about appreciating what you have, taking time to sit back and observe, and learning that though moving forward and working towards goals is good, one needs to learn how to enjoy all the great things along the way.

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Business Coaching

I am a business coach in Georgetown, Tx. I offer global one on one sessions via Zoom where we will discuss your goals and set plans to get you and your business on the right track.

My focus in coaching is what I call Functional Business Coaching, meaning, we will discuss and create real methods and systems to get you to your goal.

Business Strategies

Are you doing the same ol’ same ol’? Sales stale? Staff not performing as they once were?

Skyscrapers look rigid like they never move right? Guess what? The higher they go, the more flexible they need to be to “give”  a little in turbulent times.

“Our meetings are helping me with feeling grounded and channelling/manifesting abundance.”

Santosha Solutions Coaching Client

How flexible are you and your business?

Are you open to a serious look at your business from sales to staff?
Let’s talk business strategies and get your business to reach sky high.

Work with a coach to create sales and marketing strategies, and business processes to get your business working for you. 

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Social Media Made Easy

Let us coach you on the best practices of the ever-changing world of social media. Looking for a Social Media Management Team to keep your brand seen?  We got you covered.

Social Media Coaching

The social media landscape is constantly changing, no platform knows that better than probably MySpace.

Social Media, and all digital marketing are meant to be social. A business must participate in the conversation and engage.  Only Posting is like meeting someone for the first time and not letting them speak.

We can help you get your message and brand out there through consistent posting and thoughtful engagement.