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Improve your reach and engagement with the

right social media and digital marketing strategy.

Social Media coach and Digital Marketing Coach
Speaker and Trainer
Social Media Management

Social Media and Digital Marketing Coach

Use your talent and drive and my experience to elevate your social media and digital marketing

Social Media coach and Digital Marketing Coach
Speaker and Trainer
Social Media Management

Speaker and Trainer

Give your group or team the tools needed to create stellar content on digital platforms with workshops and presentations that provide actionable concepts.

Social Media coach and Digital Marketing Coach
Speaker and Trainer
Social Media Management

Social Media/Digital Marketing Management

Leverage the power of other people to help you manifest greater success through social media and digital platform management.

Discover how a good strategy can make all the difference in succes

If you are wondering why it looks easy for some to create content and you seem to struggle, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. If you are finding your marketing efforts not meeting the mark, consider why. Do you have a social media strategy? Is there a plan for your overall marketing? Have you allocated any resources to marketing?

Is your group, team, or organization finding digital marketing a challenge?

Social media and other digital platforms like your website or Google Business Profile, are like besties, they want to work together and they do that best when they are all saying the same message.

Whether you are looking for a coach to consult with to get expert advice and help to create a strategy, or maybe you have an event coming up and you need a speaker to help a group of business owners with their marketing, I am here to help you succeed.

Hi, I’m Carolyn!

I am a social media, digital marketing, and business coach in Georgetown, Tx with a passion for helping people reach their goals.

As a teenager, I learned about sales and marketing when I promoted myself as a balloon sculptor clown for birthday parties.

In my early entrepreneurial days, I not only worked as a clown, I also was a magician’s assistant for some of the top magicians in Texas.

As I grew up, I went into more traditional industries and worked in restaurants, retail, staffing, community management, and yoga/fitness studios. Each of these opportunities has given me a unique perspective on business and marketing.

When you realize your passion…

As a young person, I wanted to be a teacher. I traveled many paths along my journey, not all completely understandable to me. Some were easy, some were hard, and some had a devastating impact on my mental health.

What I have realized looking back at my life is all my experience has been preparing me for this time.

I realized my passion.

I actually knew it as a young person, I just couldn’t see the whole picture. My passion and purpose is to teach. I have the best job, I get to share and teach others how to reach their greatest success (whatever that means to you.)

You might think I only teach about social media and digital marketing…but it is about so much more!

It’s about learning how to tap into your own skills to achieve success and find happiness and joy.

What is Santosha?

Do you ever look at people and wonder how they are so happy? Or why they never seem to have failures? Some people just have it all, right? You can too!

Santosha is the second Niyama (positive duties or observances) from the Eight Limbs of Yoga and is translated as “contentment, happiness, and joy.”  The Sanskrit word, Santosha, is divided into two words, “sam” which means completely or entirely and “tosha” which means contentment, acceptance, satisfaction.

Use the principles yogis have used for hundreds and thousands of years to manifest happiness and contentment in business, health, and life.

Enjoy the Journey of Success

In this busy modern business world we are conditioned to think if we are content, we aren’t; striving for more, doing better, getting ahead. If our calendars aren’t full we feel lazy or like we aren’t doing enough. Having too much to do is seen as a positive.

Santosha, or contentment, is about appreciating what you have, taking time to sit back and observe, and learning that though moving forward and working towards goals is good, one needs to learn how to enjoy all the great things along the way.