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My Story

One time someone asked me what my purpose was in life.  I had no idea, I just knew I was working and being extremely successful in corporate America. It was years later after I made the decision to leave my corporate job that I found my passion and my purpose. My purpose and passion are to teach and be of service to others.

I must have known this as a young person. I told my mom once that I wanted to be a teacher.  Little did I know 20+ years later, I would be a yoga teacher.

I fell in love with yoga in 2006 and became passionate about sharing the healing qualities and health benefits of yoga. I knew early in my yoga journey that I wanted to share the yoga and teach someday.

I am a certified Bikram yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, and Aerial Yoga Teacher. I am also a certified Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor. I specialize in helping people through various modalities to heal the body and increase flexibility while reducing or eliminating stress and pain in the body. I have taught and led workshops throughout Texas and previously owned a hot yoga studio in The Colony, Texas.

Prior to teaching yoga, I was a Senior Vice President for the largest community management company in North America. I started as a community manager on the front line. After years of seeing what community associations needed I was able to head the ancillary division; identifying client needs, creating service offerings, training sales staff, and increasing sales.

My more than 30 years of management, sales, and people experience in multiple industries from retail, corporate America to yoga studios, gives me a unique perspective on business and marketing. Every day as a Social Media Coach I have the pleasure of helping business owners understand the importance of a good solid digital marketing strategy and I get to share my decades of knowledge and experience to help someone else grow and succeed. Helping business owners efficiently manage their social media and digital marketing has enabled me to fulfill my purpose and passion for coaching and teaching.

Want to live your purpose and passion? You can!

Let Go of Ego

The Ego wants what it wants and it is quick to tell you it wants more. The Ego tells you to push and go farther than is right for you at the time; it is constantly dissatisfied, giving you the feeling of “I am not enough” or “I need more, I need to push more.” The Ego is what creates the environment for injury, loss, damage, failure. Being in a state of Santosha gives you the space to appreciate where you are now while determining how far to move forward.

Inner Peace

The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence. –Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Having inner peace is living in a state of Santosha.

Strive for Goals with Non-Attachment

There is a great part of The Bhagavad Gita where Krishna is explaining to Arjuna about selfless acts and Karma Yoga. A selfless action is one where you are unattached to the outcome. Krishna tells Arjuna that when actions are not based on personal desire or reward, the mind can be steady. When the mind is unsteady, doubt creeps in and one starts to think in many different directions leading to a cluttered and indecisive mind that ultimately ends with failure.

A steady mind can focus and achieve success.

When the mind is focused on the results instead of enjoying the process regardless of the outcome, one can become anxious about the results. Anxiety leads to indecision or doubt and creates less than desired results or failure. . Goals are paths we set for ourselves, things we want to achieve. By their very nature goals are result-driven, so how does one work towards goals and not be attached to the result?

I challenge you to shift your thinking and think about why the goal was created. What is the purpose? What are you trying to achieve? Often the path to achieving the goal IS the goal, the results are not that vital. Learning to enjoy the journey will help you to stay focused, not letting the mind get cluttered with doubt and anxiety, and ultimately…you will find great success!

Next Step…

Is this your year? Did you set an intention to achieve your greatest success? Then contact me and let’s get you on the right path. Your best year ever is waiting.