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Do Branded Products Really Work?

Do you ever wonder if branded products really work?  Look around your house,  how many items do you see that have a logo on them?  Check your t-shirts, any that you bought from an event?  Got any giveaway shirts?  The great thing about branded items it the longevity of the brand beyond the experience where it was received.

According to a study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) in 2016, people hold onto branded items for an average of eight (8) months! Here’s an interesting odd tidbit; people tend to hold onto umbrellas the longest, fourteen (14) months.

Your average branded umbrella may cost you $12 – $17. That is roughly a buck a month in marketing dollars to keep your brand in front of someone. That is a pretty sweet deal! 

Now, you might be thinking that an umbrella isn’t used all the time so your brand isn’t out in the open as often as other items.  True.  Let’s take a pen.

A good pen that someone might actually keep could cost anywhere from a few bucks to five bucks. Let’s go with $2.50. Pens have an average life span of 6 months. So it costs you about $.42 per month to have your brand in someone’s hand. 

It’s in the Numbers

  • 50% own branded/promotional bags
  • 58% own branded/promotional t-shirts
  • 50% own branded/promotional pens
  • 53% own branded/promotional drinkwear

Door Prize for the Win
I must be lucky, I have won two, amazing door prizes at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce meetings lately. Both were multi-item prizes.

Wolf Ranch Door Prize - Georgetown Chamber of Commerce 
Courtesy of Santosha Solutions

The first was from Wolf Ranch, the large shopping area in Georgetown. It had a blanket, an umbrella, a note pad, and some ppe essentials. This was particularly interesting to me because I had just watched some youtube videos about having an emergency blanket in your car. I also had been thinking I needed a better umbrella because the one I have is from last century and flies up in the wind.

Both of these items stay in the car and I see them on a daily basis. This is basically subliminal messaging.
I have also used both items while out in Georgetown, showing off the brand to more people. People see the name on the products and though they aren’t thinking they need to rush to Wolf Ranch, the name and place will pop into their mind when they think the next time about a place to shop.

Now the good thing for Wolf Ranch is I am a borderline hoarder so I will keep these things way longer than the average person (see comment about the last century umbrella).

Oops, I did it Again…

My second door prize win was from Chick-fil-A. Ever heard of them? They make perhaps the best breaded chicken sandwich around…so much that the other fast food chains only known for burgers have tried to create their own breaded chicken sandwich. I digress…

Check out this fun video I did to show off the products in the door prize!

Here’s Why I Love this Branding Opportunity

First, the cow. This has to be the most recognizable image for Chick-fil-A. You can’t see a cow without thinking of Chick-fil-A. I’m not into keeping plushies but I do know several people that would love this cow. So, guess what? I am going to spread share, furthering the branding opportunity!

The cup I am keeping. Do I need another reusable cup? No. But do I still plan on using it? Yes. First, it’s Tervis, which is a top brand in plastic insulated cups. I am a huge drinker of water and a small glass just isn’t going to cut it. I can probably drink this in a few gulps.

The coupons are O.M.G! What a great deal! And look how many were in there!!! There were coupons for free regular items and then special kid coupons. Now I don’t have kids so guess what? Yup, going to share those with someone I know with kiddos.

Final Thoughts

Branded products work. Whether you give one item or a multi-item gift/donation, each has incredible value in getting your name out there. Ever bought a red car and you all a sudden start seeing more red cars? Branded products are the same. Once someone sees the brand, they start seeing it more and more. Not because it is out there more, because it came into their consciousness and they are more aware. It becomes “at the top of their mind” so they are more likely to recall it when they need a product or service you represent.

Want more information on how branded items can help your business? Looking for some promotional items? Send me a message!