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Aerial Yoga is a Fun Take on Yoga



I have been teaching and taking some type of silks class for a few years now. I started with silks and loved it but often found I needed more upper body strength. Because of work requirements, I wasn’t able to go to class as much as I needed to really improve my strength or technique.

Then I found aerial yoga! Aerial yoga is practiced in a hammock style silk. It is more attainable for most people and incorporates my passion of yoga! Practicing/teaching aerial yoga 3 – 4 times a week has really improved by flexibility and strength.

Aerial yoga helps improve:
Flexibility: lengthens ligaments and stretches muscle tissue.
Strength: improve core, leg, upper body strength.
Massage Fascia: it’s like a deep tissue massage!

And ask any aerial artist, it can definitely get your heart rate up too! Come try and see for yourself!

Check my teaching schedule and sign up for my next class!