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14 Habits to Living Your Best Life

Positive habits are powerful tools. They allow you to accomplish meaningful and necessary tasks with what might seem little effort. Create good positive habits and live your best life with ease and joy.

We tend to admire those that appear to work the hardest, that have grit, or tenacity…they just seem to always succeed. How do they do it? How does a person win the impossible? Succeeded when others have failed? Success is manifested through a series of positive steps and actions towards focused goals. This can be achieved by taking small steps each day that add up to a lot.

Here are 14 habits that can influence your success and pave the way for living your best life:

  1. Save money. Financial challenges are among the most common stressors in our society. A tendency to save, rather than spend, can prevent a lot of anxiety. Imagine how much easier your life could be if you always had enough money in the bank.
    • Join our No Spend Challenge for 30 days and see what new financial habits you can create!
  2. Exercise. Your body is your body. With today’s technology and medical advances, there are many parts of the body that can be replaced. However, wouldn’t it be better and potentially more financially beneficial, to take care of the body you already have? Thirty minutes of exercise each day will boost your health and your energy, giving you more ability to create positive change.
    • Go for a walk! Do some gentle stretching. Practice yoga. Join for yoga and fitness classes, class schedule here.
  3. Get enough sleep but wake up early. Only you know exactly how much sleep you need, but it’s probably more than you’re getting on a regular basis. It’s also important to start your day early and get off to a good start. This might seem contradictory, but it simply means that you need to go to bed earlier.
    • Turn off your tech devices at least an hour before you go to bed to calm the mind and get your body mentally ready for sleep.
  4. Drink more water. Your body is composed primarily of water. Drinking plenty of water each day makes good sense.
    • Take your body weight and divide it in half. That number in ounces is a good starting point for how much water you should intake daily.
  5. Meditate. Meditation has survived for thousands of years and has never been more popular. It contributes positively to both your mental and physical health. A daily meditation practice can reduce stress and bring you peace and serenity.
  6. Value Your Life and Energy. There are some very good people that are toxic to you. It simply means that your energy and their energy don’t blend. Doesn’t mean there is anything necessarily wrong with either of you, just simply that your mutual energies don’t work well together. Notice these people and do your best to eliminate them from your life, or at least minimize their ability to infest your positive energy.
    • Set boundaries with people, don’t allow the “debbie downers” to steal your joy.
  7. Be choosy about the activities you allow into your life. Spending your time on activities that matter to you brings greater meaning and fulfillment into your everyday life.
    • As yourself, is it necessary? Does it bring joy?
  8. Follow the 80/20 rule. Some actions are a lot more effective than others. Determine which actions produce the most positive results in your life and focus your efforts on doing more of those and less of the ones that don’t add to your life.
  9. Have a healthy breakfast. If you get up early and have a healthy breakfast, you’re already ahead of most of the population. A good morning gives the best opportunity to have a good day.
  10. Know your priorities for the day. Hit the ground running by knowing exactly what you need to accomplish for the day. You’ll get more done and have to make fewer decisions during the day.
    • Create a list of priorities for the day. Maybe you even need to prioritize the priorities! Writing it down does several things for you; gives you a clear list of what needs to get done and it gives you the opportunity to mark it off, reminding you of your accomplishments! Try this dot journal for easy and beautiful task lists!
  11. Review your goals. Keep your mind focused on your goals by reviewing them for a few minutes each day.
    • Write down your goals with specific actions. Stay focused on the goal!
  12. Spend time in nature. Take a walk in the woods. Sit in the park and breathe some fresh air. Ride your bike down a country road. Get away from people and spend some time with the plants, trees, and animals.
    • You can achieve your exercise and time with nature with a simple walk or bike ride. Remember, positive habits can be simple and easy.
  13. Be grateful. Practicing gratitude each day can help to prevent stress and depression. Reminding yourself that there are good things in your life brings your focus onto what’s great about your life – and attracts more of the same.
    • This is santosha! Find joy and gratitude in the things you have now, the work you have, the life you have.
  14. Have a morning routine. An established morning routine can save time and get your day off to a strong start.
    • Meditation, exercise, goal review, eating healthy, and drinking plenty of water are all great ways to start off your day!

Take a few minutes and consider your goals and current challenges.

What are a few habits that would be very helpful to have?

How much more could I accomplish if I engaged in these habits daily?

It’s easy to see how much influence positive, effective habits can have on your life. Choose habits that support your dreams and you’ll live your best life!

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