July Social Media Marketing Ideas

July Social Media Marketing Ideas

Your July Social Media Marketing Calendar is in! (scroll to the bottom) Use this calendar to help you plan out your month of posting and get ideas for fun topics!

Here are some fun dates to use for multiple types of industries.

  • International Joke Day – 1st
  • Tell the Truth Day – 7th
  • National Free Slurpee Day – 11th
  • Cow Appreciation Day – 13th
  • National Tape Measurer Day – 14th
  • World Emoji Day – 17th
  • National Ice Cream Day – 18th
  • National Vanilla Ice Cream Day – 23rd
  • National Tequila Day – 24th
  • Harry Potter’s Birthday – 31st

Notable: It’s also National Ice Cream Month!

International Joke Day – July 1st

This is an easy one! Just post a joke! (A clean one.) Do a quick search online for a joke that relates to your industry. Find a funny royalty free pic on a site like Pixabay or UpSplash. #InternationalJokeDay

Tell the Truth Day – July 7th

What is a funny or odd truth about your business that someone might not think is true? Does your business go through a million pencils a year? State some fact that is business/industry related. #TellTheTruthDay

National Free Slurpee Day – July 11th

What a fun day! Everyone knows this day! Go get your free Slurpee and take a selfie! In the health industry? You can still comment about it being National Slurpee Day, perhaps comment about allowing yourself to indulge…and good news, it is only a small. Have a business where you work outside? Great opportunity to take a fun photo taking a break and “recharging” to get more done for your customers! #NationalSlurpeeDay

Cow Appreciation Day – July 13th

You know who is going to be rockin’ this day right? Chik-fil-A! Don’t let it pass you by though. If you like Chick-fil-A, no harm in riding the wave of cow fun. Post yourself at Chick-fil-A, in a cow costume of course. Don’t have one? Grab a Sharpie and a piece of paper. Make a few oddly shaped blobs of black…take a selfie! Have fun with it! #CowAppreciationDay

World Emoji Day – July 17th

🤩 👍 📷 ❤️‍🔥 🍌 Post just emojis this day. Or, ask your customers to reply in just emojis. Ask for the best emoji that describes your business. So many possibilities. #WorldEmojiDay

National Ice Cream Day – July 18

Do you sell ice cream? Do you love ice cream? Do you fix things that store ice cream? Do you sell houses where people keep their ice cream? Do you clean carpets where some ice cream sadly ends up? 😃 Endless possibilities. #NationalIceCreamDay

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day – July 23

If you miss National Ice Cream Day, don’t worry, you can post on National Vanilla Ice Cream Day! Take a selfie with some ice cream or use a stock photo. #NationalVanillaIceCreamDay

National Ice Cream Month

And if two days dedicated to Ice Cream weren’t enough, it is National Ice Cream Month! I’m all the sudden feeling like I want some Blue Bell Ice Cream! You could post pictures of ice cream throughout the month. How about talking about cold things (like ice cream) during one of the hottest months of the year? Or give a shoutout to the ice cream trucks of yesteryear. If you are part of the ice cream industry, this is a no brainer. If you aren’t, there still are a lot of great possibilites! #NationalIceCreamMonth

National Tequila Day – July 24

Do we really need ideas for this day? 🤣 If you sell tequila, this is a perfect day to market drinks with tequila. Offer a special and post about it. Don’t sell tequila? Do you have the type of business where what you offer might involve drinking tequila? Travel agency, realtor, event space, comedy club, etc…post a picture of a drink, and set the scene for enjoying the tequila drink. #NationalTequilaDay

Harry Potter’s Birthday – July 31

Harry Potter is said to be me the most popular fictional character of all time. His birthday happens to be the same as JK Rowlings, the writer and creator, of Harry Potter. Harry’s birthday is huge in the wizard and magic realm and pretty popular in the muggle world too. Did you know there are watch parties and people actually play Quidditch?! Food bloggers also make wizard world food.

So whether you sell Harry Potter products, or you have things or places for people to have a party, this day is full of possibilities. In the magic realm yourself? I think this is an easy day to give a shout out! Even maybe book yourself a gig! #HarryPottersBirthday

No matter what industry you are in, there are always fun and interesting posts that will help you increase engagement and build a stronger community. Happy posting!

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