August Social Media Marketing Ideas

August Social Media Marketing Ideas

Are you struggling to come up with social media marketing ideas for August? Don’t worry; I’ve got you. You can use my August content calendar ideas to help you plan your month of posting. I have included multiple holidays and celebrations on the calendar, so all you have to do is choose the ones that work best for your business and personalize it. Let’s take a look at some fun and popular days you can incorporate into your social media content, shall we?

Here are some fun dates you can use for businesses in multiple industries

  • National Coloring Book Day – 2nd
  • Single Working Women’s Day – 4th
  • Work Like a Dog Day – 5th
  • International Beer Day – 6th
  • National Lighthouse Day – 7th
  • Happiness Day – 8th
  • National Women’s Day – 9th
  • Financial Awareness Day – 14th
  • National Tell a Joke Day – 16th
  • World Photo Day – 19th
  • National Just Because Day – 27th
  • National Red Wine Day – 28th
  • National Eat Outside Day – 31st

National Coloring Book Day – August 2nd

Both children and adults love coloring because it helps lower anxiety and stress levels. In the healthcare business? You can talk about the benefits of coloring for adults while using the hashtag #NationalColoringBookDay. Plus, you can find a way to relate this to your business regardless of your industry.

Single Working Women’s Day – August 4th

This is the day to appreciate the single women who play an essential role in the workforce. You can give a shout out to specific single women or post an inspirational quote appreciating them – the ball is in your court.

Work like a Dog Day – August 5th

You can use this day to spotlight staff members because this day is all about reaping the rewards of hard work, just like our canine friends. Don’t forget to use the #WorkLikeADogDay hashtag.

International Beer Day – August 6th

Do you sell beer? This might just be the perfect day to highlight all the positives of beer. Besides, you don’t have to sell beer to post about it. You can create beer questionnaires or post different fun facts. There are multiple ways you can incorporate #InternationalBeerDay into your content.

National Lighthouse Day – August 7th

Lighthouses represent beacons of hope and protection. You can use this day to talk about the history of lighthouses or post an inspirational quote on hope using a lighthouse in the image. The hashtag #NationalLighthouseDay is bound to get people talking.

Happiness Day – August 8th

Who doesn’t love happiness? I know I do. You can use this day to share happiness with others or ask your followers questions about joy and happiness. You can post happiness quotes as that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. #HappinessDay

National Women’s Day – August 9th

Do you really need ideas for this day? This is a perfect day to highlight phenomenal women in your industry. You can decide to personalize this day in any way that you like. #National Women’s Day

Financial Awareness Day – August 14th

Financial awareness is very critical in every industry. You can use this day to educate your followers on the basics of financial literacy. I’m sure you don’t need ideas from me if you are in the financial industry. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FinancialAwarenessDay.

National Tell a Joke Day – August 16th

If you missed international joke day in July, you should get in on this. You don’t need to stress about this one because you can just post a joke. All you have to do is find jokes that relate to your industry, and you are good to go. #NationalTellAJokeDay

World Photo Day – August 19th

You can celebrate this day by posting your favorite brand photographs, or you can post unknown facts about photography so your followers can learn. #WorldPhotoDay

National Just Because Day – August 27th

Just as the name suggests, you can do whatever you want on this day. It’s a great excuse for spreading random acts of kindness! But don’t forget to use the #NationalJustBecauseDay hashtag so your followers can understand.

National Red Wine Day – August 28th

Are you a red wine lover? Yes? Then you are in luck because you can use this day to celebrate all things red wine. You can post a funny wine quote or a meme – you have complete control of the direction of the content. #NationalRedWineDay

National Eat Outside Day – August 31st

You can use this day to celebrate your love for outdoor eating, or you can create a poll to see the percentage of your followers that enjoy outdoor dining. Besides, you can personalize this day to fit your industry. #NationalEatOutsideDay

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